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Media planning entails finding the most appropriate media platform to advertise the company or client’s brand or product to reach the target market.


We produce television commercials and documentaries on film and DVD utilizing our own production crews, artists and graphic designers and the latest technology in production such as digital format equipment, 3D computer graphics, animations, multi-track audio and studios.


Our highly skilled creative teams of artists and graphic Designers can produce very creative designs.


We have to support our client’s business by monitoring the ads and campaign results with the flexibility and aggressiveness to shift and modify any plan in the event of any changes in the market place.


Peacock has a specialized team to gather client competitor’s steps and study the  best media combination to reach our client’s market target cost-effectively but with  maximum exposure and impact.


We can develop several mobile contents to support our client’s campaigns using the Short Message Service (SMS) technology by sending our client’s Logos or Ring tones as well as text messages using this technology.


All custom projects are governed by a management process which allows us to articulate and carry through a plan that ensures the successful launch and maintenance of your new site.


Peacock starts with the concept development, write the scripts and produce the radio commercials including recording of music and narration, sound mixing and editing, all under our control and management.


Maintaining a social media presence is key for a business to succeed. Peacock Social Marketing is here to take your business to the next level.

Aligning your people to your brand and business goals.

About us

Peacock International has been actively involved in providing comprehensive advertising and promotional services to the Arab world for more than 15 years.

The Peacock represents continuity, security and creativity in a flood of color which combine to form our visual identity.
It’s entirely by design, in fact, that our corporate mark – the Peacock is meant to convey that sense of continuity.

We are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with branches in UK, Dubai, Cairo and Beirut to serve our regional clients.

Did you know?

PEACOCK INTERNATIONAL is an established company actively involved in providing comprehensive advertising and promotional packages.  We produce television and radio commercials, film and video documentaries and programs as well as print advertisements  in any form from concept development, lay-out up to final artwork followed by well-studied advertising plan and media plan.

Did you know?

Peacock Ads decided to bind its operations to success. This has helped us keep in tune with what’s happening in the industry, move quickly to leverage new opportunities and stay keenly focused on customer satisfaction.

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Years in Business
Years in the GCC

Our Role

Is to help our clients Lead the Change in their businesses by being their preferred creative partner for their own marketing transformation.

  • Brand Identity.
  • Marketing Research.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan.
  • Web Site Design.

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